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Someone was Watching

Soon after Bertis E. McGriff started work as a service station attendant, Shell Oil decided to open a service station in Cullman.

Knowing they would need a competent person to manage the new station, they decided to observe Bert and his colleagues during business hours to see if any of them were qualified to manage the new business.

After two days of careful observation from across the street, the men chose Bert to manage the new station.

At that time, Bert had no idea that "someone was watching" or that his actions and professional conduct in serving the customer would within days provide him with the opportunity to manage a new business which would become known as McGriff Tire Company, Inc..

Seeing an opportunity to expand his business, he purchased a retreading mold for passenger and truck tires. Later, due to the poor quality of casings available during the early 1970's Bert got out of passenger retreading. He did, however, continue retreading truck tires. Today McGriff Treading Company, Inc. ranks among the top 5 truck tire retreaders in the United States.

Bert's business philosophy is the same today as it was in 1948 - be fair, work hard, provide excellent customer service and do your best no matter what the job. After all, you never know when "someone is watching".


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